Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Egyptian Stance

    In the midst of the revolution in Egypt I feel compelled to extend a statement to the Egyptian people.  I realize that none of them are likely to see this but in the off chance they do I want them to understand that believe in their cause. 
    In the past the USA has withheld or given our approval often based, not on the ideals with which our country stands, but on the false premise of “support.”  The Shah of Iran “supported” the USA so despite his suppression of democracy we supported him rather than the people who in effect may have only wanted to emulate the very ideas we hold so dear.
    I can not speak for my whole country, and I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of politics is minimal.  However, I can speak for many of those I know when I extend my support in belief that the people of Egypt have every right to a democracy.  I wish for them every blessing I have ever received in this country in which the people have the ability to govern themselves.  They, like all people who inhabit our world have the right to a voice.  A society in which even one voice can not be heard is a society in which change is in the winds.  So, I wish for the people of Egypt a democracy in which all people have the opportunity to work towards a future, a democracy in which the natural law governs all people, and most importantly of all, a democracy in which all have a voice that they can let ring loud and clear.


  1. I, too, have very little knowledge concerning politics. However, the situation in Egypt is impossible to ignore, and it is indeed an important cause worth recognizing. I don't really know the USA's position on Egypt; however, I hope that our nation extends its help to those suffering in Egypt, since they are not as fortunate as we are to live in a free country. Egypt will certainly face hardships as it attempts to rebuild its government and its nation, but I feel that the struggles of the Egyptian people will be worth it because, like you said, their voices will be heard and will hopefully bring about positive change in Egypt.

  2. Hey Nicole,
    Recently it has been made known that the US has been pushing Mubarak to step down, which I at least view as a positive. As a government the USA is still hesitant to really push as it is still unclear who will rule Egypt in the wake of this revolution. However, I am proud that our government has at least made this tiny step towards standing up for what is right not just what is most convenient.
    I agree that Egypt will likely face many hardships on its road towards becoming a democracy. However, I have no doubt in their ability to overcome these as they have already overcome so much already.